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   We have been involved with exotic animals since 1986. Starting with an old, ugly llama (that we were very, very proud of) and then a 6 month old cougar. We've grown to over 300 birds and animals. Our greatest loves are our big cats - the tigers, african lions, cougars, bobcat, lynx and servals.

   All of our animals have names and stories and are part of our family. Most are handraised and socialized with people, so they enjoy the company of our visitors.

   We also own and operate a 70 cow dairy farm. Many of our non-farm friends enjoy seeing the cows and calves, our milking parlor and the bulk tank full of cold milk!

   Our main goal is to educate people about the many species of animals that we have here and to learn respect for these wonderful animals and their habitats.

   Hope you'll come to visit!!!


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